Fjord Sail og Elan fortsetter

Følgende pressemelding bles sendt ut 07.05.13:


Fjord Sail renew distribution agreement with Elan

After a brief periode with disagreement about strategy and warranty conditions, Fjord Sail and Elan have found back to a basis for future cooperation. Elan will renew their focus on the performance line with focus on speed and comfort. A weight program has been initiated with the goal of producing lighter yachts in the future to ensure even better performance. Together Fjord Sail, Elan and key equipment vendors have found a way to honour Norwegian consumer laws in a way that secures the interests of all parties including the customer.

The objective of Fjord Sail is to be the leading distributor of performance oriented yachts in Norway. With the new focus of Elan we feel confident that we will be able to maintain this position in the future.


Tor Hove

Luka Modrian


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