Fjord Sail slutter som Elan forhandler


Følgende pressemelding ble sendt ut i dag: 14.02.13:




Elan d.o.o. a manufacturer of Elan performance cruisers and Elan Impression cruisers and its Norwegian distributor Fjord Sail have made a common agreement to part ways after 15 years of collaboration.

The cease of collaboration will effect immediately and Fjord Sail will honor its warranty responsibility as before and will support all existing Elan customers also in the future.

Fjord Sail and Elan  will maintain a professional relationship and will together ensure that all existing Elan customer will get the required support.


Høvik, 14.02.13

Tor Hove                                                            Luka Modrian

Fjord Sail A/S                                                    Elan, Director Nautical Division